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Connecting real people with real opportunity

Who We Are is a central marketplace for buying and selling services throughout the Caribbean and CARICOM Region. Our platform is the perfect place for service providers to showcase themselves and their work, inform market prices and build their reputation amongst an unlimited customer base. We provide a place for your skills to flourish and grow, whilst promoting fair trade and safe market practices. Creatives, tradesmen, professionals, specialists, entrepreneurs and small and medium sized entities can all offer their services for sale. 


We provide a secure space for service seekers to select from a wide range of service providers at competitive rates and complete their sales transactions via our website. We build users' confidence in engaging with third party providers for the exchange of services, with built in layers of security and flexibility for consumers to choose from. 


We foster business development, promote healthy competition and efficiency in business, drive entrepreneurship and above all; deliver value for money. skillpik creates opportunities for all sizes and categories of business, we simplify accessibility and widen reach. Our focus is on quality, convenience, reliability and ease of doing business, with the overarching objective to provide a complete and uncomplicated experience to all users.

What We Do

  • To bring service providers and service users together

  • To increase awareness, accessibility and opportunities for professionals, entrepreneurs and small and medium sized entities (SMEs) in the Caribbean and CARICOM Region
  • To drive entrepreneurship and create sustainable entrepreneurs through flexible structures, shared knowledge and expertise, improved efficiency and healthy competition
  • To promote transparency in market prices and set benchmarks for industry standards
  • To build confidence in doing business with third parties, ensuring reliability and quality in performance

  • To drive purpose, to create opportunity, to enhance life

  • Opportunity – Creating a platform for awareness, opportunity, growth and sustainability in business

  • Trust – Your trust is priceless, we embody dependability and reliability, we encourage our providers to deliver on quality and exceed expectations
  • Choice – We recognize healthy competition as key to improving efficiency, we see information and choice as crucial to ensuring value for money
  • Entrepreneurship – changing the way we work, raising the performance targets we set, improving the way we do business, embodying the journey to entrepreneurship

Connecting Service Providers and Service Users around the Caribbean and CARICOM


Satisfy your needs. We connect you with opportunities. Offer your skills to an unlimited market today.