Finding the right skills for the job starts with pooling all your top candidates in one place. Even if you post your vacancies in the newspaper or on an online job board, all interested applicants will be directed to your recruitment page powered by Skillpik. Potential candidates can view the full job description, complete their application details and submit supporting documents all on the site. You can ensure you attract the right candidates - use pre-qualifying questions to sift out unsuitable applications. Our hiring solution tracks all your applicants and gives your HR team a space to operate efficiently in one place.



Mountains of applications to sift through? Not anymore! Once your applications have been collated from the recruitment page, you can now quickly refine your results and screen them with greater ease using our fast filtering feature. Whether it's the number of years of experience, qualification level or even responses to pre-qualifying questions, applications can be filtered down to better pinpoint the ideal persons for the job. With this, HR can save time and effort and quickly move closer to finding the best fit for the job.



When you've found the right group of people for the job, the weight of the world is off your shoulders. Skillpik makes shortlisting a breeze where you can review and add notes on your pool of potential candidates. You can then categorise applications, whether to shortlist, reject or keep under review, and then communicate effectively to all applicants in just a few clicks. If you're not sure about some applicants, connect with them directly using our chat feature to ask more pertinent questions. You can also browse their pre-populated profiles for more details like additional certificates and portfolios of their work. Finally, when the entire process is completed, HR can download reports that allow for audit trails to better plan and manage recruitment in the future.


We're making it easier to hire the right talent TODAY!