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Skillpik is a hiring solution designed specifically to make your talent sourcing and selection easier, saving you time and money. It's built on a cloud based platform that offers various benefits to ensure your business isn't bugged down by a lengthy inefficient recruitment process. See more about our solution here: https://www.skillpik.com/web/home

Regardless of where you post your vacancies, our hiring solution simplifies and automates the recruitment process by allowing you to manage all applicants in one place. We provide you with a customisable recruitment page where applications are collated on our cloud-based platform. With this you can filter, sort and essentially fast track your sourcing and shortlisting process. Using our reporting tool, you are able to create audit trails to help plan other recruitment activities.

The process is easy! We can have you and your team onboarded today. Because the platform is cloud-based, there’s no need to install additional software to your system. Let us set up a demo to show you what the Skillpik platform can do to improve your business.

Using the Skillpik hiring solution, you can view all applicants' details in a tabular report which can be filtered or exported based on your recruitment needs.

When you become an active client, you gain lifetime access to your data and use it for future recruitment needs.

We tailor packages to match your recruitment needs. Let us set up a virtual demo to show you how the platform works and get an understanding of your recruitment process to select a package that best suits you. Request a Demo TODAY!

Want to see the platform in action? Help fast-track your candidate selection and set up a virtual or in-person demo with us today and get a live view of all the benefits Skillpik has to offer. Request a Demo here https://www.skillpik.com/web/requestDemo

We are here to answer your questions and help get you started today. Use this link to contact us: https://skillpik.com/web/contact_us