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skillpik.com a central marketplace for the barter of services throughout the Caribbean. It is intended to foster business development, promote healthy competition and efficiency in business, drive entrepreneurship and above all; deliver value for money. It is an online platform that will merge opportunities for all sizes and categories of business through simplifying accessibility and widening reach.

You can visit our Contact Us page and use the Quick Contact Form. A response will be sent within 48 hours. https://skillpik.com/web/contact_us

Browse from a wide range of service providers to find one best suited for your job. Connect with service providers and engage them directly to meet your needs. Select your service provider, build your product and get your job done. FIND > CONNECT > BUILD - https://skillpik.com/web/how_it_works

As a registered service provider, you can access the "Change Password" option through your profile. It is one of the options located under your profile picture.

The Terms & Conditions can be accessed at the bottom of the skillpik.com homepage or at https://skillpik.com/web/terms

As a potential buyer, you can access the "Browse Services" option from the menu at the top of the home screen. This can be filtered by Service, Category, Territory and other options.

The skillpik platform gives you the opportunity to start earning an income doing what you love. The platform helps you to widen your reach throughout the Caribbean and CARICOM region to be easily accessible by an unlimited market. As an entrepreneur, you can build your brand and showcase yourself and your work.

The Privacy Policy can be accessed at the bottom of the skillpik.com homepage or at https://skillpik.com/web/privacy

Access the Grow Your Business option at the bottom of the skillpik.com homepage or at https://skillpik.com/web/grow_business

Click the 'Get Hired' option on the top of the home screen and take a look at the video to assist in your profile creation. Scroll to the bottom of that page to read our Terms & Conditions and proceed to add your skills to start selling.

You can benefit from a six (6) month subscription-free period when you register by 30th September 2021. Service providers pay a very low subscription based on the selected plan. Plans start as low as US$3.99.