Grow Your Business

Our platform is built on the following principles:  


  • Accessibility - to multiple service providers across multiple territories for any service required. 
  • Completeness – a one-stop shop for services from search to delivery.   
  • Quality – fostering healthy competition and transparency in the market. 
  • Safety – our model is designed with some level of guarantee of performance to consumers, with a built-in customer confirmation and satisfaction feature. 
  • Ratings – incorporating customer feedback on service providers performance.
  • Growth and sustainability especially amongst small and medium entities. 


Our market is anyone who uses a service, is seeking a service or provides a service. Our product is scaled to meet the needs of the Service Providers and the buyer.  We cover a wide and exhaustive range of services in multiple industries and would continue to add and refine such services as we evolve.   

Service Providers will create profiles, attaching services offered to these profiles. Users can browse services and make purchases via the e-wallet feature on the site. Users can rate providers' performance for any services bought on the website. Providers will manage their own profiles and as such are accountable for showcasing their own brand. 


Benefits to Service Providers

  • Opportunity to build your brand's awareness through showcasing your portfolios and to build your reputation through customers’ reviews.  
  • Wide reach – with an online platform, there is no limit to the audience that the website can reach.  
  • Cost effective – providers can benefit from direct marketing at very low prices.  
  • Reduced risks of not being paid for performance.  
  • Opportunity to both inform market prices as well as to peg one’s prices to market prices.  
  • Opportunity to build your reputation based on our professional tier ranking concept.


Benefits to Service Seekers

  • Quick and easy access to a vast network of service providers across the region, with an additional layer of filter to refine searches and get focused results. 
  • Comfort in engaging in business transactions with unfamiliar third parties due to some level of security built into the payment process and policy. This makes non-performance less risky and fraudulent activities less likely. Dissatisfied Service Seekers can raise queries with admin. Service Seekers can also provide ratings and reviews on Service Providers. 
  • Platform to get value for money through healthy competition and transparency on market price information.  
  • Chat and Alerts features will make communication easy between Service Seekers and Service Providers. 
  • Progress of orders can be tracked, even projects can be tracked with milestones.